About Nani Kai Dive Adventure & Academy

Nani Kai (Beautiful Ocean) Dive Adventures and Academy is a scuba diving operation currently operating out of Oahu, Hawaii. Nani Kai is the product of four people who combined their knowledge of business, organization, customer service, and scuba diving to design a boutique dive boat and operation that caters to the expansive needs and comforts of discriminating divers.

The Office


13-minThe Office is a 32’Munson aluminum hull built in Washington State for the rough waters of the Pacific Northwest. Nani Kai purchased her in November 2015, and she spent the next five and a half months in a complete overhaul. Nani Kai consulted with many SCUBA professionals and avid divers along the way to ensure The Office would be beyond the needs of any diver. It includes not only extra personal space for individual divers, but a state of the art photo/video system to allow guests to view their pictures and videos (or football) during surface intervals. The boat has filtered hot and cold water for tea, hot chocolate, soup, fresh fruit, and snacks. There is a warm water shower and an extra wide ladder for easier, safer boarding after a dive. In the rare case of emergency, the boat carries oxygen, advanced first aid kit, and a waterproof Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Every Captain, Instructor, and Divemaster is trained in advanced first aid. In addition, Nani Kai Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) dictates that all employees attend refresher training every quarter.

Meet The Team

Matthew Lipscomb


Matthew is a US Army veteran who retired with over 20 years of service spending over 6 years of that time deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan. He...

Victoria Adraktas


Victoria has spent her career in government service after graduating from UNC Chapel Hill School of Law. She started as an assistant in Congress and then moved to...

Lisa Lipscomb

Businesses Development

Lisa is a health and fitness professional who brings to Nani Kai almost 30 years of experience working in various health club settings as a master personal trainer,...

Jamie Faveau

Director of Operations

Jamie is a US Army veteran who retired with over 20 years of service. Jamie spent over 5 years deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan serving in positions...

Orvil Clark

Orvil served ten years in the US Army with one tour in Iraq. He earned two purple hearts and a bronze star. He was medically retired from the...